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Rockmelt Blog: The New Face of Rockmelt


Along with the launch of our new iPad App, we’re excited to finally unveil our new logo!

Why We Voted our Old Logo Off the Island

As keepers of the brand, we saw the logo as an expression of all the good qualities of melted rock. It’s hard to deny the energy and power of lava, but as the…

I don’t know about this new logo. It feels a bit dated and stale to me. I really loved the design of the old logo and you really get the Lava feel from it. The old logo has more expression and impact then this new one and has a futuristic touch to it that shows your striving for newer and better than what came before. This new R shaped one, while I get what your going for, feels flat and conforming to the straight edged lines it was drawn in. I really doesn’t have the strong visual impact that the older one does. I really hope you stick with the older one rather than this newer one.

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